About us

The aspiration to learn and to explore is given by nature and is fundamental. It makes each of us put together our own mosaic of life: a new experience — a new fragment. Our passion to photography is a way to experience and capture the vital beauty of the world.

Olga Potapova and Nikolay Stepanenko
St.Petersburg, Russia

Finalist “Nikon: At The Heart Of the Image” 2017
100 best photos “Landscape – Night” 35AWARDS 2018
Winner “Landscape – Night” 35AWARDS 2018
Prize-winner Sätila “North – a country without borders” 2017, 2018
Winner “Nikon: At The Heart Of the Image” 2018
Finalist Russian Geographical Society “The most beautiful country” 2018
Performance at the Golden Turtle Festival in St. Petersburg 2018
Participation in the National Geographic Traveler exhibition “Under the wing of an airplane: from St. Petersburg to Krasnoyarsk” 2019
Prize-winner of the “Golden Turtle” photo contest in the “Landscape” category 2020